Conference Programme

The Programme is loosely divided into the following four streams:

  1. 1) Future of ICT: Future of ICT, what does the next 50 years hold?
  2. 2) Professional: ICT Professional Development and learning
  3. 3) Innovation: This includes “Concept to Reality” and bringing new ideas to market
  4. 4) History/Education: This is split between looking back at ICT innovation and exploring ICT education

For full details of presentations, please see the Speakers page.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Conference Workshops

A number of workshops are available on the 15th

5:30 pm

Thursday 16 September 2010


1) History/Education

Equinox Room 1

2) Future of ICT

Equinox Room 2

3) Innovation

Equinox Room 3

4) Professional

Microsoft Room

8:00 am

Registrations Open

Tickets may be collected from Registrations in the Fenton Foyer

8:40 am
9:40 am

Opening Keynote: Sam Morgan

Sam founded NZ’s top website Trade Me and is now an angel investor in software startups

10:20 am Morning Tea
10:50 am From Videotex to Web 2.0: The History of ICT Innovation in New Zealand Advanced Robotics: The Future of Aged Care Services The Digitisation of New Zealand’s Research, Heritage and Culture Professional Development and Efficient Resourcing – 2 into 1 does go
11:20 am Short break
11:30 am Preserving our IT Heritage – Computers Designed and Assembled in NZ Total Recall or Digital Amnesia? New Zealand’s 3D Heritage and Future Wellington Summer of Code – Engaging the ICT Talent Pipeline
12:00 pm
Short break
12:10 pm

International Keynote: Craig Nevill-Manning

Craig Google’s Engineering Director and established their first external Engineering Lab

Sponsored by Google

12:50 pm Conference Lunch
1:40 pm

Plenary: Rod Drury

Serial Entrepreneur Rod is the founder of Xero, and a series of other successful projects

Sponsored by Codec

2:20 pm Short break
2:30 pm 35 Years of Open Source: From the University lab to the Enterprise The Skycouch: A lesson in User Centred Design Organisational Culture – Enabling Innovation Cloud Computing: Beyond the Hype
3:00 pm Short break
3:05 pm Lessons from Progeni – 1968 to 1989 The Opportunity for New Zealand ICT in Asia Great idea, but how do I grow it into a successful business? Aerospace Project Management Meets Number 8 Wire
3:35 pm

Afternoon Tea

Sponsored by Intech Solutions

3:55 pm

Plenary: Ian McCrae

Ian is the Founder and CEO of Orion Healthcare, a global company formed in New Zealand

4:35 pm

Panel: Catalysing Innovation in New Zealand

How do we bring about positive change and innovation in New Zealand? Join our panel of experts including NZCS Fellow and Designertech CEO Ray Delany (Chair), Xero Founder Rod Drury, Orion Founder Ian McCrae, Opposition ICT Spokesperson Clare Curran and Google’s Engineering Director Craig Nevill-Manning as they explore what steps we can collectively take to bring about greater innovation in New Zealand.

5:30 pm

Cocktails in Fenton Foyer

Drinks and nibbles hosted by DesignerTech

Friday 17 September 2010


1) History/Education

Equinox Room 1

2) Future of ICT

Equinox Room 2

3) Innovation

Equinox Room 3

4) Professional

Microsoft Room

8:30 am

International Keynote: Greg Lane

Greg is the National Director of the Canadian Council of Information Technology Professionals

9:10 am

Panel: Future of ICT

The last 50 years have seen a great many developments in ICT, but was does the future have in store? In this interactive discussion, join our panel of experts including NZCS Chief Executive Paul Matthews (Chair), Web guru Nat Torkington, CPIT Head of School Alison Young, TUANZ CEO Ernie Newman and Orcon Founder Seeby Woodhouse as they look to the developments leading up to today and discuss what the next 50 years might have in store.

10:10 am Morning Tea
10:30 am Presentation Cancelled
Replacement TBA
Performance Testing in the Cloud – Conquering the new challenges Developing Internet Security: The Honeyclient The Evolution of Assistive Technology into Everyday Products
11:00 am Short break
11:10 am ICT Education: Past, Present, and Future GBH in the Cloud? When two worlds collide – through semantics Rather interesting observations about technological roadmapping
11:40 am
Short break
11:50 am

Keynote: Nat Torkington

Nat is an ICT advocate and the brains behind the Kiwi Foo Camp and Open Govt Project

12:30 pm

Conference Lunch

Sponsored by Codec

1:20 pm

Plenary: Sam Knowles

Sam is the Founding CEO of KiwiBank.

Sponsored by IBM

2:00 pm

Panel: The ICT Profession, an International Perspective

There’s been much effort recently to help NZ join the “global ICT Profession”, but what does this actually mean? Join this panel of international experts as they discuss global developments in ICT Professionalism and what this means for you.

Chaired by NZCS President Don Robertson, panelists include IFIP President Basie von Solms, Past President of the British Computer Society and founder of IP3 Charles Hughes, past Chairman of the Canadian Council of IT Professionals and current IP3 Chairman Greg Lane and Honorary Secretary to IFIP and Reader in Computer Science at Birkbeck, University of London, Roger Johnson.

3:00 pm Afternoon Tea
3:20 pm After 50 years is it time to admit the experiment failed? Open Source and Opportunity for Everyone: A case study in Slovenia Privacy and Technology – Innovative Partners ITCP – Background to Professional Certification
3:50 pm Short break
4:00 pm Hypertext to Web 2.0 – A journey of vision, ridicule and innovation Thinking outside the search box Open Source Software Licences: Exposing the Legal Bogeyman Shoe string IT: Growing ICT capability in the not for profit sector
4:30 pm Short break
4:40 pm

Closing Keynote: Ian Taylor

Ian is the founder of Animation Research Ltd and other very successful companies

5:20 pm

7:00 pm ’til late

Saturday 18 September 2010

9:00am to 5:00pm
9:30am to 5:00pm

Conference Workshop: Becoming an Innovator

Want to build the overall skills, innovation and creativity of you or your team?

In conjunction with Software Education, NZCS are proud to announce
this exclusive workshop.

The above Programme is SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings will be published in a single volume containing abstracts, full papers (maximum length 5000 words) and presentation materials.

For further details about the conference proceedings, click here.