A special thanks

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One of the things that has been truly excellent thus far while organising this conference is the widespread support from all corners of the sector.

From a sponsorship perspective, a number of companies have been prepared to dig deep and help make this momentous milestone celebration a  reality, and we are truly thankful for this.

In terms of Keynotes, this conference is supported by some of the true kiwi entrepreneurs in our sector. You’ll see early next week when the programme comes out that the huge range of presentations covers every nook and cranny of ICT in New Zealand – this will be a vastly inspirational occasion.

We truly appreciate the input, sponsorship and support from a huge number of companies and individuals across the board, however it has to be said that there’s one company that has really gone the extra distance to ensure this conference is a success, and that’s Microsoft.

As well as fronting as the first Platinum Sponsor of the conference, Microsoft have helped in every way possible, whether asked or not. Ranging from major sponsorship, to Microsoft’s global CEO, Steve Ballmer, being prepared to put together a short video for the conference, through to helping arrange major speakers, through to New Zealand senior staff advocating the conference and registering early themselves, we simply couldn’t ask for more.

And for those thinking this might have been with ulterior motive, you’ll see from the programme release next week that the speaker programme is widely representative, including the open source community for instance. Microsoft haven’t made any attempts to influence proceedings – their support has been unconditional.

Others have been fantastic too, and certainly aren’t forgotten. The conference sponsors have all dug deep to support this event. However a special thanks for the commitment made by Microsoft to date.

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