Making Innovation a Part of Everything We Change

1:20pm 17 September 2010

Sam Knowles
Sam Knowles

Founding CEO, KiwiBank

Very few CEOs could boast to having created a bank from scratch, and far fewer could speak of profits within the first 5 years in such a price-competitive market, yet that’s what Sam Knowles has achieved with KiwiBank.

Maximising the potential of IT is at the core of innovation in financial services.  It is also the most significant constraint to getting new product to market and one of the biggest risk areas.

The challenge for Kiwibank has been to build a deep innovation capability in a mature service industry.  Sam’s presentation will cover the strategies used to build innovation capability and how he maintained a culture that looks for and supports opportunities for innovation.

About Sam Knowles

Sam has a rich history of corporate innovation through embracing ICT, and is currently also a Director of Trustpower.

Before taking on KiwiBank Sam was CEO of At Work Insurance Limited; GM – Global Product Management, National Australia Bank; GM – Marketing and Distribution, Australia, National Australia Bank; GM – Business Development and Subsidiaries, BNZ; Retail Financial Services – BNZ; Head of Strategic Planning – BNZ; Manager – Project Research and Development, BNZ; Investigating Officer -The Treasury.

Sam has a BSc in Physics and Psychology from Waikato University and an MSc in Resource Management.