Professional Development and Efficient Resourcing

10:50am 16 September 2010

Rob Sewell

Consultant, ICDI NZ

This presentation will explore the traditional challenges for both Professional Development (PD) and resource management (RM) and show how, by the adoption of a ICT Skills Framework, the two can complement each other and provide significant efficiencies in resource allocation.

The Framework explored is the Skills Framework for the Information Age, SFIA, the same framework underlying NZCS’s ITCP Certification.

Further benefits in staff retention, career path development, accurate recruiting and resource pool profiling will be explained. The presentation will also outline the value in the NZCS ITCP programme adopting SFIA and how organisations can drive the greatest value from ITCP by utilising SFIA in-house.

About Rob Sewell

Rob has a long-term ICT background and has more recently focused on professional development and building sustainable capability in large organisations.

Whilst Professional Development Manager for a major UK Insurance company, Rob developed PD frameworks and Resource Management strategies in an integrated manner. SFIA ( was chosen as the skills framework for this piece of work.

Arriving in NZ, Rob was keen to continue the value of this approach and has been working with the NZCS towards a standardised PD framework. Rob is NZ’s only Accredited SFIA consultant and the Accredited SFIA training partner for NZ.