The Changing Demographics of Innovation

11:50 am 17 September 2010

Nat Torkington
Nat Torkington

Web/OSS Guru

We rightly celebrate those brilliant people who create and scale successful ideas, but we rarely think about what let them be that successful.  Even less often do we think about the people who weren’t successful.  What are the prerequisites to success, and what’s required to let more people be successful?  If we understand this, we can open the door to many more creative and commercial successes.

About Nat Torkington

Nat was deeply involved in the history of the Internet in New Zealand, hosting the country’s first web server.

Nat then left our shores and worked for O’Reilly Media where he chaired the O’Reilly Open Source Convention and other major O’Reilly conferences for over a decade. Nat co-wrote the best-selling Perl Cookbook, and was also one of the founding O’Reilly Radar bloggers.

Nat recently returned to New Zealand from the USA and established the Kiwi Foo Camp and NZ Open Govt Project, as well as building networks of open source innovators, entrepreneurs, and emerging technologists in New Zealand.

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