New Zealand’s 3D Heritage and Future

11:30am 16 September 2010

Gavin Lennox
Gavin Lennox

CEO, Nextspace

New Zealand has long been an early adopter of 3D technology – from early ray tracing research to high-profile projects like Virtual Spectator and Weta Digital’s involvement in the movie Avatar.

Tracking the evolution of 3D technology in New Zealand is also a useful way to review progress in the local computing industry. 3D has always been at the bleeding edge of technology – continually pushing processing power, finding new applications, rewarding those who take risks and providing an inspiring vision of what is possible with technology.

This presentation will highlight successes and learnings from a range of New Zealand 3D and visualisation projects.  Gavin Lennox will share the experiences of Kiwi companies, including those in the Nextspace 3D Visualisation Cluster, who have applied 3D in industries from manufacturing to urban planning, and to customers ranging from Boeing to local plumbers.

Emerging opportunities such as augmented reality, 3D screens and, mobile devices, as well as barriers to adoption will also be discussed.

About Gavin Lennox

Gavin Lennox is CEO of Nextspace, a 3D solution provider for business.   He is also chairman of Critchlow Ltd, a geospatial solutions company and formerly a Vice-President of MapInfo Corporation and Director at IBM Europe and DoubleClick.